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Can Pokémon GO Become A Marketing Tool For Businesses?

Pokemon GO has taken the world by storm, and every form of social media is awash with posts about the game. The game is luring people out of their homes on a daily basis to hunt Pokemon, and local businesses are choosing to get in on the act. This article explains how Pokemon GO will become a marketing plan for businesses, and there is a look at the many ways a business may use Pokemon GO to their advantage.

#1: Pokemon Are For Customers Only

Signs have been seen in local business extolling the virtues of their establishments to Pokemon GO players. Players will learn that Pokemon are for paying customers only, and Pokemon GO players may make impulse purchases when they visits each business. The business will have more walk-in customers, and Pokemon GO players may return to hunt for more Pokemon in the future.

#2: Listing The Pokemon Caught In The Area

Businesses may post the Pokemon that have been caught in their establishment or near it. The listing will help Pokemon GO players research the area, and the listing will help the business endear themselves to the local players. Players may return due to the volume of Pokemon that have been found, and the list will change every day as more players approach the store. Wise players will post pictures of the list online, and more players will appear to hunt Pokemon.

#3: Playing Pokemon Inside The Story

Business owners or employees may choose to play Pokemon GO inside their establishments. They may take screenshots of the Pokemon they have found, and posting the pictures online will help attract more players. Players will become familiar with a business that often posts Pokemon information, and the posts may go viral around the world.

The most popular pictures for a business will be Pokemon inside the store during store hours. The Pokemon may appear to be shopping, eating, working behind the counter or harassing the guests. Every picture provides a new look for the business, and they must actively play Pokemon GO to find new Pokemon every day. Inviting players to the business to find their own Pokemon will attract several new customers.

#4: Ask For Tags

Business owners must request tags online from their guests. A guest who takes a screenshot of a Pokemon in a store or restaurant must be asked to tag the post with the name of the business. The business will begin to collect several tags that note their business, and the business will have a much broader following. Pokemon GO players who are traveling may make their way to the establishments to hunt for Pokemon, and they will learn about each establishment from social media posts.

#5: Actively Play

Business owners and employees who actively play in their general area may lure people to their location using the app. Any found Pokemon could invite dozens of people who are on the hunt, and the business owner or employees may do this several times per day. The Pokemon are consistently moving around, and the owners/employees must make every effort to attract as many people as possible to their location.

Pokemon GO will become one of the simplest marketing tactics ever devised for local businesses, and the owners must work on all five steps of this plan to market properly. The business that takes full-advantage of Pokemon GO will have more customers on a daily basis, and people roaming the city looking for Pokemon will find their way through the door. The Pokemon GO craze has completely changed local business marketing for the best.



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