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How is the New Digital Strategy Shaking up SEO?

The leap that technology has taken is probably the biggest modern change since the automobile became mainstream, but we can’t ignore how the tech social scene continues to evolve. The last decade has propelled our business practices and how we interact and utilize our analytical tools. 47ST Media is the perfect partner for any business who wants a maintained presence on the web. Our industry specific digital strategy is dedicated to SEO best practices for your company.

In the past, SEO best practices were centered around optimization of existing landing pages, building link development tactics and running audits to remedy technical disruptions. An enhanced digital strategy is now changing how much more 47ST Media can do for our clients. The focus has shifted toward content experience and its deployment across multiple devices and platforms. As client’s needs change, the quality and usefulness of content grows to assist in the client’s journey. We at 47ST Media are committed to providing your company with a digital strategy that will make you stand out in this crowded marketplace.

This shift has a lot to do with the way Google crawlers now interpret Java Script, AJAX and other technologies that once made it more difficult to access page content. Our SEO best practices are now integrated with the user experience (UX) design and conversion rate optimization, along with the content and social media marketing; all as part of your personalized digital strategy. 

Today, we at 47ST Media lead the way in digital strategy with some of the best SEO practices in the industry. Contact us by emailing and tell us your story, so you can learn what we can do for you. If you want to talk, we’re listening. Call us at 212-302-0311 to speak with a knowledgeable representative and begin building your web presence today.

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