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The 1:1 Nature of a Social Community

Our endless attachments to our countless devices has reshaped our social interactions with our virtual and actual connections. The need to be followed and follow back in kind is profound and necessary in today’s hyper sensitive social media world. The same can be said for businesses, and in many cases, it can be on an even deeper level.  47ST Media creates the right combination of interaction through a Social Media Marketing Strategy that helps your business thrive inside the social media marketing machine.

With so much communication with the masses, we have to wonder, are we reaching actual individuals? It would seem that we are, and in record numbers.  While businesses through their marketers work extremely hard to plan the imagery tone, language and time of every social interaction and communication, it would seem, that many of those mass geared practices are experienced in a one on one forum as well.  Stimulating and many times award winning content is always meant for a brand’s entire audience, to be shared with fans, followers and anyone else who may be listening at the time.  47ST Media will create a detailed Social Media Marketing Strategy to reach the masses and individuals alike.  Through creative planning and a true understanding of your business needs, 47ST Media will make sure your message is clearly heard by your audience of many and of one.

1:1 conversations that brands need to have with individuals must happen fast and at high volumes, allowing for the personal interactions we all crave.  Airline companies seem to have the highest levels of one on one communication according to recent Twitter data.  Fliers are a vocal bunch and share their frustrations and their content when reaching a customer service representative in forty characters or less.  A carefully structured Social Media Marketing Strategy will give any business the ability to interact and reach their customers in the same positive way.  It also gives you’re business an opportunity to right a wrong, swiftly, or reap customer accolades. 

Let us at 47ST Media create the right strategy for you.  Send us an email at and set up a meeting to discuss your future strategy or call us at 212-302-0311 and speak with a representative and let us start crafting the Social Media Marketing Strategy that is right for your business.

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